It begins…

I am an amateur CrossFit enthusiast with high hopes of creating some glory days to reminisce about when I am older and greyer – but still slanging weights like it ain’t no thang.

The idea of this blog came about while I was preparing to participate in the 2018 CrossFit Open. Overwhelming, exciting, ego-destroying. So much to learn and so much to say!  Better I say it here than risk my marriage with my obsessive blah blahing.

So – I am a forty something wannabe.  In this years Open you will find me languishing near the bottom of the 40-44 Masters division’s leaderboard. Scaled. Big sigh. But on the flip side, the only way is up!

So strap in. The next twelve months are going to be better than a roller coaster. Because I have no intention of staying scaled. And I have no intention of hanging around the bottom end of next year’s leaderboard.

Bring on the pain. Bring on the RX. Bring on the calluses.